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Our Food

Buttermilk Chicken Ube Bao Bun
Pulled Pork Adobo Wrap
Lumpia Shanghai

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Where we’re based

We’re currently doing markets around Scotland. Keep up-to-date for our latest news and where we'll be next. You can follow us on our Mama Del's Instagram page. Just look at our "Find Us" highlight.

About Mama Del’s

Mama Del’s started out as a concept a few years ago on how to bring tasty Filipino food to Glasgow. It’s a relatively unknown cuisine in Scotland even though it combines the best of the Far East & Spanish flavours.

Mama Del’s had to combine easy to prep food (it’s currently a side gig so can’t give up the day job just yet) but still make it bursting with authentic, delicious flavours. This is how we came up with the current menu.

You can’t get much better than lumpia - our recipe is by Mama Del herself. As authentically Filipino as you can get! The mains are the best flavours combined into the tastiest dishes! We’re always looking on how to add to the menu to keep an eye our for new dishes that pop-up in the future.


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